November 27-28, 2019


Dubai, UAE

About City

Dubai is seen as a relatively young destination, it has an entrancing history and a dynamic legacy that offers guests a fascinating look into Arabian culture. A decent place to begin investigating the history and legacy of Dubai is the Dubai Museum. The words 'first, tallest, most profound, most costly, luxurious, extraordinary' could have been made for this city. What other place would you locate a seven-star inn, visit a progression of 200 man-made islands in the state of the nations of the world, or climb the world's tallest building? Dubai is an unrestrained city, which pushes the points of confinement on its design and its social preoccupations. The Burj Khalifa, at a stature of 828 meters (2,716 feet), is as of now the tallest working on the planet.. The Dubai World Cup is the most extravagant pony race on the planet. Dubai has even manufactured a ski-slope in a shopping center. Dubai's economy depends on tourism, keeping money, and the advancement of industry-particular zones for various monetary action, for example, social insurance administrations, media, budgetary administrations, innovation, etc.

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