Call for Abstract


October 14-15, 2019


Singapore City, Singapore

Scientfic Sessions:

The global Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology market is expected to reach USD 35 billion by 2025, according to our new survey. The factors for growth of Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology are Increase in funding by public and private bodies for doing research on ocular disorders with the support of strong emerging pipeline.


Pediatric ophthalmologists can take all the major innovations that come out of adult ophthalmology and select those that may work for children. Increasing overall size of the population will have the greatest impact on health care services.


Neuro ophthalmology has a wide research scope. The global ophthalmology drugs and devices poised to grow at a CAGR of around 4.9% over the next decade to reach $72 billion by 2025.


Global Market predicts the global dry eye treatment will market tol $3.5 billion in 2017 and reach $5.0 billion in 2022. The highest possible growth is predicted to occur in China, India, USA and other global markets where they forecast double-digit annual growth because of increasing populations, wealth, and access to health care. 


Obesity is constantly growing, it lead to increase in diabetic retinopathy, Global market predicting Diabetic retinopathy Disorders will reach 7.2 million by 2020.


Around 10 million people in world suffering from corneal blindness. The growth of artificial cornea implant is the primary result of the rising incidences of corneal blindness and lack of availability of human cornea donors also responsible for the drastic growth of this market. Moreover, increasing incidences of trauma cases lead to major eye injuries which also responsiblefor the growth of this market.

Ophthalmic Laser Treatment is a leading industry source for assured  and relevant information on all aspects of the market in the treatment of epidemiology of retinal diseases, glaucoma, and cataracts, other diseases and disorders that needs laser intervention.


Cataract affects an individual in 6 people over age fourty. 30.1 million Americans will expected to effected with cataracts by 2020.


Glaucoma is increasing rapidly for over 7 million visits every year with a potential increase of more than 60% by 2020


The global diabetic retinopathy market was valued at USD 5.80 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% over the forecast period. Diabetic retinopathy leads to a serious sight threatening complication due to long term diabetes. The treatment for diabetic retinopathy depends on the severity of the condition and sometimes require intraocular injections.


Ocular oncology is dealing with eye tumors, eyelid cancers, ocular melanomas,  etc. It is the study of cancerous growth in any part of the eye. And procedure usefull for tumor removal, vision improvement.


Asia Pacific countries mostly China and India share the maximum market with its tradition of using the herbal system. Growing demand for natural therapies and remedies makes Europe the second largest market followed by France and Germany